Thursday, August 18, 2011


Browse free on the vodafone ghana network using cproxy...
"Connect with apn=browse"

Download cproxy here and sign up for an account.
click "Preferences" and under "Account", choose User ID and enter your ID and pass you registered;

Under "Server" choose any UDP server with port 53.
Click on Apply, then OK. I tell you, you are already connected when you click on ok..
Just configure your browser with with port 3128 and start surfing...
You can also switch back to the DEMO account if your registered account expires...

"POWER TO YOU" as they say... enjoy while it lasts...feel free to drop any comments


  1. thank u very much. U make me feel wow

  2. fank u joseph ........diz is cul........does it work for mtn, airtel,and tigo......

  3. no, it doesn't work for any networks now cos vodafone has blocked fbt...hope u enjoyed

  4. K wen will it be bakK wen will it be bak

  5. it works but immediatelt it connects it disconnects again

  6. Hello my Seniors, I guess you are all fine.
    I'm 19 yrs of age. A Young poor student from Ghana with Emmanuel as my real name.
    Please, I'm pleading if you could help me browse the internet for free using any of the SIMs operating in Ghana because life is very hot and difficult.

    Thanks and may God richly help you from Technology to another every blessed day.

    Also, I'm very friendly so anyone who like me as a friend can also contact me.