Monday, December 10, 2012


You guys remember IWP right?? Yeah we all do. Those were the good times. This new program is developed by the same people i guess, whatever the case they got the same site. Who Cares. The name is TunnelGuru, its kinda like a doppelganger of pd proxy with all the protocols:: UDP, TCP, ICMP and also got HTTP(S) tunnel (just like IWP) which makes it great don't u think, but there is always a catch.

Well you could register for free but they got plans for the accounts. You can pay by LR (Liberty Reserve)...Our Nigerian friends got it to work with their networks and they claim they get more than 300kb/s with it...So anyways this is just a heads up...It gives you a 5mb data on free accounts only specific to their website for testing. I know that's funny, well what are you gonna do...its just for testing!!

Check out the forum for configuration help on Main site..So now the ball is in you court. We could all help to make it work in Gh or we could all depend on one person and watch the time pass us by. Who loses, maybe you!! That's suppose to be funny if you didn't get the joke.



Linksweb-tunnel or tunnelguru
All links goto the same site!!


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